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Week 4: 6/17/18 Series Week 4: 6/17/18

Compelled to obedience by our love for Jesus
Teacher: Patrick…

Week 3: 6/10/18 Series Week 3: 6/10/18

Living in the Freedom of the Light
Teacher: Patrick Wehmann

Week 2: 6/3/18 Series Week 2: 6/3/18

The Freedom of God's Love

Week 1: 5/27/18 Series Week 1: 5/27/18

Intro to 1st John
Teacher: Patrick Wehmann


1 John

How does the Love of God in Christ Change us?

Judges Pt. 2

Culture Wars are nothing new

Easter: The Tomb Is Empty

Easter Series

Judges Pt. 1

Culture Wars are nothing new